Traditional cold asphalt

Cold bituminous mix asphalt, produced in a discontinuous type batch plant for the production of traditional bituminous mixes.


  • Ready road repair for fixing damaged road surfaces, filling potholes, utility cuts, and various patching even with roads opened to traffic.
  • Not suitable for paving.
  • Use for other purposes or in a manner different from those instructed on this sheet is considered under the full responsibility of the user as not supported by our direct tests.

Application method:

  • For best results, lay the material in the pothole (previously emptied of any debris, aggregates and water) and compact properly (best results with a vibrating plate compactor).
  • Vehicle traffic following installation favors compaction.
  • In case of installation in areas not open to vehicular traffic, we recommend focusing particular attention on compaction.
  • To improve the yield, we recommend dusting the finished surface with cement (summer) and with sand (winter).

Road sealant

Two-component road mastic in bucket with high resistance castable suitable for both asphalt and concrete. Passable after about 30-60 minutes.


Seals road surface cracks that are 0.1 mm up to 10 mm wide, preventing damage from water infiltration.


Apply on dry, clean cracks. After mixing the two components, apply quickly as the reaction starts instantly. Use protective gloves.


The product is sensitive to freezing temperatures and must be kept at a temperature over 5°C in a protected environment.

High strength quick mortar

Fast, waterproof, dark-coloured, highly ductile cementitious mortar reinforced with special fibers which give it high resistance to cracking, impact and wear.

Packaging and Storage:

Pre-dosed product in sealed bag. It must be stored in dry environments, where it will keep for 6 months from the date of production.


  • Restoration of concrete floors and roadways, external or internal, even in industrial areas or airports with heavy traffic
  • Fixing and leveling of manhole covers, drains, manholes, vertical signs, barriers, fences and urban furniture on roads, sidewalks, car parks
  • Quick fastening of underground cables and pipes or to be covered with flooring
  • Production of fast-hardening, high-strength and low-permeability products
  • Other applications where a high-performance, fast-hardening material is required


Pour the entire contents of the bag into a container and mix by adding only the indicated water. Apply on a clean substrate free from dust and any other substance that could compromise adhesion. Trim the edges in order to
get sharp edges. Lay the material on a stable substrate wetting the support just before application, without having free water. Changing the laying methods can substantially vary the final performance of the material.

Noise proofing sealant

No more complaints about sleepless nights!

Sealant in ready-to-use cartridges
Ideal for soundproofing uncertified cast iron manholes and drains, characterised by extreme ease of installation and considerable effectiveness and durability

How to apply

  • Once the “noisy” manhole cover has been identified, lift the cover and check the existing support points;
  • Thoroughly clean all manhole support surfaces, both top and bottom;
  • Apply a thin layer of grease or lubricant to clean surfaces to prevent sticking of parts while the sealant is drying;
  • Prepare cartridges by removing the various seals and inserting the relevant mixing spout;
  • Apply an appropriate amount of product, creating a bead that is generally about 1 cm thick;
  • This bead must be made along the edges of the manhole and halfway along the side of the manhole. (It is recommended, however, that at least 1/3 of the length of the cover support be covered;
  • A 400 ml cartridge can be used to create approximately 2.5-3 metres of 1 cm thick bead;
  • Wait at least 5 to 10 minutes before proceeding with further processing (in any case, check the consistency of the created bead);
  • Close the manhole cover by replacing the lid, taking care to wait at least 20-30 minutes before reopening to traffic.

Hardening sand for dry joints in outdoor paving

Ready for use.
Ideal for driveways and courtyards, paving stones and outdoor stone floors
Special calibrated natural sand with polymeric binder additives, ideal for dry grinding outdoor floors to prevent weeds, insect damage and rain erosion.

Fields of application

Due to its special formulation, this sand is ideal for filling joints in paving slabs, natural stone, klinker, ceramic tiles and concrete with joint widths of up to 25 mm and joint depths of at least 30 mm (it is advisable to always fill the entire thickness of the stones) and a vehicular load of up to 3.8 tonnes. Water gutters, edge drips and slopes of more than 10% are to be avoided, as is the filling of filter and/or drainage pavements. It is recommended for porous stone surfaces to first carry out a test seal to assess the colour variation. Depending on the outside temperature, the paved surface can be walked on in 4 hours (minimum) and with cars after 48 hours after application (always check beforehand).


It should be stored in a dry environment away from sunlight, allowing for a shelf life of up to 12 months.

AsciugoneMineral absorber

Mineral material free of toxic substances. It has a multi-cellular, open-cell structure, which gives it enormous absorbent power through capillary action and rapid securing of the contaminated flooring, which is made clean and dry.

Compliant with UNI CEN/TS 15366:2010

  • High porosity;
  • Excellent absorbency;
  • No toxic substances;
  • Average dry weight in heap: 500 kg/m3 w.g. (grain size
    1-4 mm) (1 l = 0.5 Kg w.g.);
  • Reaction to fire: class A1 (formerly class 0) non-combustible.


Environmentally friendly: because of its de facto inexhaustible raw materials, a sustainable production process, complete recycling ability and low energy consumption in production, it is an eco-friendly material;

Lightweight: the weight of our “Dryer” is about 500 kg/m3 and therefore 50% lower than a normal silica sand;

Convenient: thanks to its packaging, it is easy to handle in the workshop;

Quick: as it is immediately ready, all you have to do is open the package and pour in the contents;

Versatile: the “Dryer” is ideal for absorbing all those liquids or oils that may spill on the work place or in the garage at home.


Ideal for absorbing all liquids that can leak and cause problems, such as water, oils, fuels, etc.
Warnings: The material is moisture sensitive, therefore it should not be left outdoors unprotected and any application other than those indicated above should be avoided.

Innovative, convenient and always ready. Ideal for oil and fuel spills on roads or floors in workshops and companies.

Available in 2 grain sizes:
0 – 1 mm – 12 Kg bag
1 – 4 mm – 8 Kg bag

Sand for sports facilities

Our Football and Rugby sands are used as an artificial grass for natural and artificial turf, in the Golf sand both for the construction of bunkers and for field construction and maintenance. Useful in gardening both for working terrain and for decoration.

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For synthetic fields
Natural, washed and sifted silica sand exclusively from sand quarries for the redevelopment of the floodplain areas of the river Po. In the construction or maintenance of a synthetic turf, one of the fundamental elements in addition to the grass itself is sand, as it has multiple functions:

  • If applied below the synthetic mantle, it is used to make the ground uniform to have no depressions, holes or irregularities.
  • If applied superficially during laying (which means not only fixing it to the ground but also applying some precautions that will ensure durability), it ballasts and stabilizes the turf thanks to its weight, preventing it from lifting, making it thicker and protecting and maintaining the blades of grass upright, giving it a thicker and more consistent appearance (consumption from 10 to 25 kg/ m², depending on the type of turf).
  • When applied during periodic maintenance, it replenishes the aggregates that have dispersed due to weathering and use, keeping the turf protected and with the grass blades upright (thanks to its naturally rounded shape, it does not harm them).

For natural fields

Top Dressing sand:
SiO2 > 75%
Particle size 0.25 – 1.00 mm with rounded grain

Sand designed according to the curves indicated in standard USGA, ideal for the Top Dressing of golf course turf and generally used for all types of lawns, from sports field (such as soccer field, rugby field) to household lawns.

Bunker sand:
Particle size 1.0 – 4.0 mm with rounded grain

Sand designed according to the curves indicated in standard USGA, ideal for the construction of golf course bunkers and in general for any other use where a mixture of more structured aggregates with a diameter of up to 4 mm is required.

Sport silica sand for horse riding

Particle size: 0.4 – 4 mm

Natural, washed and sifted silica sand exclusively from sand quarries for the redevelopment of the floodplain areas of the river Po. Thanks to its natural hardness, rounded shape and absence of dust, it is the ideal turf for structures and racetracks dedicated to horse riding on sand.

Silica sand directly from the manufacturer

Sands and quartz for filtration

Specially designed aggregates for water treatment and filtration (For specific applications see individual product data sheets)

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Sands and Quartz for Beaches and Playgrounds

Specific sands for beaches, shoreline restoration and protection against erosion caused by weather, climate, geology, biology and human activity. (For specific applications see individual product data sheets)

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Sand for emergencies

In jute bags for protection from water.
Jute bags containing silica sand.


  • Ideal for both public and private emergency services
  • To be used as a counterweight to stabilize waterproof sheets
  • Perfect for creating bag barriers to protect against flooding


dried silica sand in biodegradable jute sack with perfectly coplanar horizontal seams.


Lasts 4 years if stored in a covered area and protected from weathering, thanks to the use of completely dried sands.

Ornamental white Carrara marble pebbles

Selected and washed Granulate or Pebble from the Carrara marble quarries. Ideal for decorating fountains, pavements, foot-paths, flower beds, etc., both outdoors and indoors.

Available in various sizes:

  • diam. 7/15 mm
  • diam. 15/25 mm
  • diam. 25/40 mm
  • diam. 40/60 mm
  • diam. 60/100 mm


25 Kg bags

1500 kg Big

1500 kg

Recycle service for sports facilities

With our Recycle Service, you save and help the environment. Thanks to unique and patented technologies, we can 100% recycle the components of the synthetic mantle, separating them from the existing infill. Furthermore, we can provide this recovery service together with the delivery of materials for the construction of the new covering.
Leader for 60 years in the field of sands for sports facilities, we are able to provide a unique service in the world!

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